sâmbătă, noiembrie 19

Work in progress, no progress

People ask me if I still take pictures. I do, actually, but not for myself. Since s of my work pays the bills, I am currently doing a lot of commercial stuff. I like it, but I miss the good old days.

Since October I'm studying Anthropology, and, what I love most about it is the way it has to do with documentary photography.

My long term project, my kids, are a full time job these days, but they'll be in school by the time I turn 30, and I am looking forward to it :)

miercuri, mai 18

Work in progress 2

Today I exhibited photos for the first time ever. It's a campaign that promotes breastfeeding for Unicef Romania. I'm really proud :)

In other words...
I'm still working on my website, hope to see it up and running soon. I will probably post the project there!

marți, februarie 8

Happy B-day Andrei!

This is a picture I took on Sunday with my Iphone, on our way back to Bucharest.
I'm posting it today, on his 3rd birthday!

marți, ianuarie 11

Oana - third year

Each January I ask Oana to come to the studio for a photo shoot. This was our third meeting, it's my favorite way to start the year :)